CloudWorks Server

CloudWorks Server should be run on a 'static IP' Windows server and operates primarily as a communications go between for the CloudWorks client software and the remote devices. An architecture like this allows the remote devices to operate on networks that only provide dynamic IP's, such as most mobile operators.

This software will automatically manage the communications, keep the timing on the entire network synchronised and manage a heartbeat system for online devices to ensure communications are always healthy. Fully private networks can be established using VPN's etc.

It's secondary function is to extract the data from the remote devices and insert it into their respective databases, of which it can support multiples thereof. Each database has associated with it a 'Vendor Code' which is also programmed onto each remote device. This allows CloudWorks Server to determine into which database the data is to be populated.


  • All in one Server management system for the CloudWorks platform.
  • Controls the communications stream between the end user and remote devices.
  • Manages the data collection of remote devices and insertion into the relevant databases.
  • Automatically synchronises the time on all remote devices to UTC time.
  • Manages the dynanic IP communications register for remote devices as well as the heartbeat system.
  • Wide range of communications analysis tools.
  • Supports multiple databases to allow for many different clients or independent systems.
  • Automatic software updates from our servers each time the software is run.
  • Customisable screen table layouts.

System Requirements

  • Windows Server 2012 or higher
  • Processor - at least 2GHZ
  • RAM - at least 3Gb
  • Microsoft .NET Framework - will install version needed if not available
  • Installed version of MySQL Database Manager
  • Firewall bypass rules:
    1. TCP Port 13000 - Cloudworks server connection
    2. UDP Port 13000 - Remote device connection
    3. TCP Port 3306 - MySQL Database Manager