Welcome to the CloudWorks remote data collection and management platform. The CloudWorks platform, and its associated hardware, was developed by Cape Digital Solutions to allow users to manage and collect data from a variety of remote applications.

This data could be streaming real time or collected periodically as per low power battery systems.

So whether you are collecting data for your own use, or providing a value added service to the data collected, this system is ideal for you.

Free software

The CouldWorks suite of software programs consists of both the backend server software CloudWorks Server and the client side software CloudWorks . Built into the software are all the tools needed to configure the hardware as well as fully manage the communications network and data collection system.

This software is loaded off our website and will automatically update your system each time a new version is released. CloudWorks is a dynamic system and will continue to expand with new applications as these become available.

Low cost hardware

Cape Digital Solutions has 27 years of experience in hardware design. Our focus to provide low cost, feature rich hardware using some of the best technologies available.

We are constantly developing new additions to this platform to open up a greater range of applications to which CloudWorks can be deployed.

Run your own system

Why outsource your data collection when you can run the entire system yourself and save huge costs? CloudWorks has been designed to be simple to implement and easy to manage.

To facilitate a trial system, we will open a database for you on our servers, to which you can connect your own equipment. This allows you to test the system before committing to this technology.

We also have a limited access demonstration system that you can download and evaluate.

Easy integration

Integration of the CloudWorks data into your own system (SCADA, Website etc) can be easily achieved by interfacing directly to a MySQL database (ODBC open protocol) or, for real time data, by means of an open communications channel to the server.

All the database structures and communications protocols are available. Live communications to a website can be streamed via an open websocket.

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Ideal for these applications

Business Opportunities

The CloudWorks system was designed to provide companies with the ability to extract data from remote devices and use this information to build value added services. Examples of these services could be billing systems, management of infrastructure, remote monitoring and many other applications. Our aim is to provide you with all the tools needed to achieve this goal.

Cape Digital Solutions is a hardware manufacturing company and our primary interest is the supply of the remote hardware used on this platform. In order for you to actually build a business on our backbone of products, we provide all the necessary software free of charge. This includes the software that runs on the server as well as all the system management tools needed. Regular updates and improvements will also always be provided free of charge.

Integration of CloudWorks into your own systems can be achieved by extracting data from the databases provided by CloudWorks, or directly from the remote hardware through a communications channel.

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